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O1A Visa

O1A Visa

The O1 Visa comes forth with a series of non-immigrant visas for the United States of America. These visas have been designed for people having extraordinary abilities. These extraordinary abilities can be present in different fields –including science, business, art, film, television, or the education industry. The O1 Visa is divided into categories that aim at targeting different groups or individuals. The O1A Visa is for individuals having extraordinary abilities in specific fields like science, education, athletics, and business. People with O1A Visa will be visiting and working in the United States. Therefore, one of the core conditions of receiving the O1A Visa is to have a reliable job in the United States. You should apply and have a proper job offer from an employer located anywhere in the United States of America to initiate the process of obtaining the visa.

Requirements for O1A Visa

You should satisfy the following conditions to apply for the O1A Visa:

Applying for the O1A Visa

The application process for O1A Visa will require the applicant and the employer to go through a series of steps. Firstly, it is important to ensure that the job offer is reliable. The application process starts with the employer who would be willing to sponsor you.

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