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The E1 Treaty Trader Visa enables people or employees of businesses to enter the United States of America to carry out international trade.

Important E1 Visa Specifications

The applicant for E1 Visa is expected to show that they aim to engage in a major trade, which is not defined strictly

At least 50 per cent of the total trade volume should be carried out between the designated treaty nation and the United States of America –it is referred to as Principal Trade.

The trade could be in the form of goods, transportation of physical goods, or even non-physical services –like tourism, banking, insurance, journalism, or technology.

The applicant should belong to the nationality of one of the treaty nations

According to the other United States terms, the applicant is expected to be prepared to provide evidence that they aim to return to their home country at the visa period’s end.

E1 Visa Processing Time, Duration, and Extensions

The processing time of E1 Visa tends to vary by consulate. It will also depend on whether you are making the application from outside or within the United States. On average, the entire processing time takes up to 2-4 weeks.
The E1 Visa is known to offer a grant for staying for around 2 years. It can be followed by an extension of around 2 years. There is no limitation on the total number of extensions.
E1 Visa holders can consider traveling outside the United States. Upon re-entry, they will automatically receive a two-year extension automatically.

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E1 Visa for Employees

t is also possible for employees to arrive at the United States of America under the E1 Visa provisions for trade purposes. They should meet the following conditions: The employee should be a citizen of the treaty country Should be involved in some supervisory or managerial role requiring specialist knowledge or skills

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