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What is an L-1B Visa?

The L1 visa category is a nonimmigrant work visa category for intracompany transferees. It allows a U.S. employer to petition for certain foreign workers who work for a related foreign employer (at least a 51% control in ownership)

There are two types of workers eligible for L1 classification.

L1 Classification in General

In order to petition for an L1B specialized knowledge intracompany transferee, the petitioner must be a parent, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary of the foreign employer. Furthermore, the petitioner must be “doing business” in the United States and at least one other country through a parent, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary business. Under certain cases, a petitioner may be opening what is called a “new office” in the United States.
The beneficiary of the L1B petition must have been employed Continuously at the foreign employer continuously for one year within the three years immediately preceding the filing of the petition.

L1B Specialized Knowledge Capacity

Some factors that are considered include:

In supporting the eligibility of an L1B specialized knowledge worker, the petitioner must submit evidence regarding the effect the beneficiary would have on the petitioner, the qualifications of the beneficiary, and that the beneficiary’s knowledge can only be gained through experience or training with the petitioning organization.

Being on L1B Status

Family Members



1) Letter in Support of the visa petition

Proof of Corporate Name and Good Standing:

2) Incorporation Documents: Certificate of Formation; Printout from the website of the
Texas Secretary of State with details of the company registration
3) Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)


4) Stock Certificates
5) Ledger: Record of Certificates Issued and Transferred
6) Wire transfer for

Bank Accounts:

7) Letter from Bank Official confirming account has been opened for the company
8) Bank Statement

Proof of U.S. Location, Operation, and Employment:

Commercial Premises
9) Lease Agreement
10) Payment for deposit and first month’s rent
11) Letter from Landlord confirming arrangement for additional space has been
made to allow for future growth
12) Photographs of the commercial leased property
13) Organizational Chart
14) Beneficiary’s Job Description
15) Job Description of the employees that will be hired and directly supervised
by the Beneficiary
Other Evidence of Business Activity:
16) Business Plan


Proof of Corporate Name and Good Standing:  

17) Company’s incorporation documents
18) Commercial License

Proof of Ownership:

19) Certificate of Good Standing, identifying the ownership structure of the company
20) The Articles of Association above, which identifies the percentages of ownership

Financial Statements and Bank Accounts:

21) Audited Annual Financial Statements for the last three years
22) Bank Statements for last 1 year

Proof of Employees and Payroll:

23) Organizational Chart with Job Descriptions of the Beneficiary and the employees
directly supervised by the Beneficiary
24) Employment Agreements
25) Employees’ Resumes
26) Payroll Report
27) Employee Pay Stubs

Proof of Foreign Location. Operation, and Employment:

Commercial Premises
28) Lease Agreement or Ownership Documents for the office
29) Photos of the office in FOREIGN COUNTRY
Memberships, Registrations and Certifications:

30) Chamber of Commerce, Registration Certificate
31) Contracts or Registrations with various suppliers
Invoices & Evidence of Healthy Business Activity (Various documents to evidence business activity)
32) Monthly Expense Report
33) Accounts Payable, recent sample
34) Accounts Receivable Report, recent sample
35) Summary of Past Performance showing Clients, Contract Numbers, Number of Contracts,
Contract Values, and Service Description
36) Purchase Orders
37) Invoices
38) Utilities Bills including Telephone/Cell Phone bills
39) Marketing and Promotional Materials
40) Company Presentation Fliers, Brochures
41) Website Printouts


Personal Documents:
42) Passport identification and U.S. visa pages
43) Police Clearance Report
Beneficiary’s Credentials:
44) Resume
45) Copy of Degrees
Beneficiary’s Authority:
46) Memorandum of Understanding addressing the opening of a subsidiary in the United States
and assigning the beneficiary to open and direct the new U.S. subsidiary
47) Board of Directors resolution assigning the beneficiary as the Managing Director of the new
U.S. Subsidiary
Evidence of the Beneficiary’s employment with the foreign affiliate company prior to his
transfer to the U.S. affiliate company and that his position at the foreign company is an
executive one
48) Business Card, identifying the Beneficiary as the <JOB> of the foreign
parent company
49) Pay slips from Last one year

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